Sunday, February 15, 2009

Winter Breakkkkk

Wooooo I have no school this week yay me !! But the only thing is no one else has winter recess uggh. My school is weird we get holiday break and winter recess but Im not complaining.Well Saturday wass valentines day and once again I was valentine less :(. Idk i cant last through long relationships I always break up with someone a few months before valentines day :( figuress.
(I want a boy friend!!! A good one not a jerkkk ) - sorry vent :)
With winter recess I have this 10 page paper do when we get back im planing on pacing myself through the week but will see -_-. But I do have time for dubs like lines tht I owe Just this week I did Happy Happy Sunday dub:

I was pretty happy with it .. it turned out good sorry for the cutesy voice I just had to this song is sooo happy it just makes me do it..

Another thing Im into now is Kat-tuns old song Yorokobi no Uta it is so awesome I love the chrous I want to dub this some day ^^

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