Saturday, April 25, 2009

Life is good ^^

Beforeee April 25

Today was the best Saturday I have had in a while. It was beautiful out like.. gorgeous. The high was like 85 degrees so it was the warmest day of the year so far. Me and my mom went to the park and walked around for an hour. It was so pretty there everyone was outside. The breeze felt super awesome too.. After that I went to Target and got the Neutrogena wave which is awesome It makes ur skin so much smoother in one try. My face recently broke out so I have a lot of acene (hopefully my face will be cleared next week ^^ I knowww Ill post a before and after :P.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Maya might...

Be going to JAPAN!!!!!!!

I know its cool I was totally shocked when I asked my parents about it. They said they will strongly consider it. Im just so happy they did not give me a flat out NOOO!! My mom said it will b a good experience ^^ So yup hopefully things work out

Ja Nee~

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I really really want high school to be OVER. I cant wait to go to college now less than two years until I go ^^

I say this now because I just watched this episode of GREEK a show on abc that i highly recomend it is hilarious. It is based on a fraternity and sorority at a college. PLus school is almost over thank goddd. Just AP exams and SAT's to worry about then SUMMER. At college there are boys too smart boys maybe I will find a new boy friend that would be great. Hmm what else...

I got so mad yesterday. I go onto my dance you tube account and see my mailbox thingy had a message in it. So I click it and I see japanese writing and it says something like; "We have watched your videos" As soon as i read this I go OMG maybe I someone discovered me but... no. Its some community contest for some stupid website. That got me so madddd my hopes where crushed.O well someday I will be famous.

Ooo yea I was looking at Natalie's aka Pumashock's blog today she is a huge insipration to me because she is black ,she can sing, and became famous from you tube in korea. I want that to happen to me. ^Dreams^

Thats all that happened this weekend cant wait in four more days I will have SPRIng Break wooooooo.

Bye Bye