Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fresh Start ^^

ughh winter break is over and I am watching the oscars. This break went by tooo fast -_-. I want another week off. But I am really determined to do better in school so I am hoping for tomorrow to be a fresh start. I really want to do well I have to worry about college. But over this week I added a new dub.

Kara's Honey cover

This was really short and my first korean dub yay!! But my high notes were really baddd. I need to learn how to not screamm into the mic .

Alsoooo My SNSD gee gee vid is really popular to me at least lol. I have almost 10,000 views so Im really happy about thattt. I want to do more english covers of korean songs

Right now Im watching the Oscars and the Underworld movieee :) Woah slumdogg millionare is winning a lot.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Winter Breakkkkk

Wooooo I have no school this week yay me !! But the only thing is no one else has winter recess uggh. My school is weird we get holiday break and winter recess but Im not complaining.Well Saturday wass valentines day and once again I was valentine less :(. Idk i cant last through long relationships I always break up with someone a few months before valentines day :( figuress.
(I want a boy friend!!! A good one not a jerkkk ) - sorry vent :)
With winter recess I have this 10 page paper do when we get back im planing on pacing myself through the week but will see -_-. But I do have time for dubs like lines tht I owe Just this week I did Happy Happy Sunday dub:

I was pretty happy with it .. it turned out good sorry for the cutesy voice I just had to this song is sooo happy it just makes me do it..

Another thing Im into now is Kat-tuns old song Yorokobi no Uta it is so awesome I love the chrous I want to dub this some day ^^

Sunday, February 8, 2009

SAT week end

Hi guys, so what happened to me this week end ?? I took the SAT's on saturday they are not the official ones but they were ok.... They were just so long and I was so hungry the test lasted from 8 to 12. But wat happened to me this week was this kid bryan asked me to semi formal he is really cute, but... i dont really know him that well so i think the whole experience would be awkward so i told him noooo. That is the only semi exciting thing tht happened to me l0l semiiii.

Dub Wise
Mannnn I still did not do Happy Sunday grrr. But next week is winter recesss yess i can dub for tht as well as do my milky star dubs. Btw the Milky star concert is finished uploading yay. plug in....

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Are you ready for some FOOTBALLL!!

OK im extremely hyper and at the moment im watching super bowl 43. Go CARDINALSSSSSSS woooooooo. Ok yea im not a real football fan and havent been following them but my uncle is from arizona and he got me a cardinals sweat shirt so im cheering for them. Even tho the steelers will probably win but still go Cardinals ^^.

In other newssss... I finished my lines for all the yo project stuff i owed yesssss. Now all I have to do is this love like crazy thing. And this viyuuden thing I think ?? I cant wait for Milky Star stuff to come out. First the last part of the concert will be uploaded and then Koko no iruzeee yay. Also samishii nettaigyo (i think tht is mispelled )is a dub that me and nami decided to do duet. I cant wait to start it tho i need to find an instrumental :( .

On my dancing account i recently got this message by this person will call him bob. Well bob said i saw your perfume dance video Do you like japanese music it is really weird for your people to like our music . I was kind of confused at first and calmy answered him yeaa i like jpop kpop american music euro pop i just love music in general yeaaa japanese music is up there on my favorites list but i like all types. But do black people say to white people im surprised you like our music ?? Nooo artists put the music out so tht everyone will enjoy it.

Here is a song i really like it has like a indian style to it and is by some group named Bond i do listen to this song while doing my homework .