Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fresh Start ^^

ughh winter break is over and I am watching the oscars. This break went by tooo fast -_-. I want another week off. But I am really determined to do better in school so I am hoping for tomorrow to be a fresh start. I really want to do well I have to worry about college. But over this week I added a new dub.

Kara's Honey cover

This was really short and my first korean dub yay!! But my high notes were really baddd. I need to learn how to not screamm into the mic .

Alsoooo My SNSD gee gee vid is really popular to me at least lol. I have almost 10,000 views so Im really happy about thattt. I want to do more english covers of korean songs

Right now Im watching the Oscars and the Underworld movieee :) Woah slumdogg millionare is winning a lot.

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