Sunday, February 8, 2009

SAT week end

Hi guys, so what happened to me this week end ?? I took the SAT's on saturday they are not the official ones but they were ok.... They were just so long and I was so hungry the test lasted from 8 to 12. But wat happened to me this week was this kid bryan asked me to semi formal he is really cute, but... i dont really know him that well so i think the whole experience would be awkward so i told him noooo. That is the only semi exciting thing tht happened to me l0l semiiii.

Dub Wise
Mannnn I still did not do Happy Sunday grrr. But next week is winter recesss yess i can dub for tht as well as do my milky star dubs. Btw the Milky star concert is finished uploading yay. plug in....

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