Sunday, April 5, 2009


I really really want high school to be OVER. I cant wait to go to college now less than two years until I go ^^

I say this now because I just watched this episode of GREEK a show on abc that i highly recomend it is hilarious. It is based on a fraternity and sorority at a college. PLus school is almost over thank goddd. Just AP exams and SAT's to worry about then SUMMER. At college there are boys too smart boys maybe I will find a new boy friend that would be great. Hmm what else...

I got so mad yesterday. I go onto my dance you tube account and see my mailbox thingy had a message in it. So I click it and I see japanese writing and it says something like; "We have watched your videos" As soon as i read this I go OMG maybe I someone discovered me but... no. Its some community contest for some stupid website. That got me so madddd my hopes where crushed.O well someday I will be famous.

Ooo yea I was looking at Natalie's aka Pumashock's blog today she is a huge insipration to me because she is black ,she can sing, and became famous from you tube in korea. I want that to happen to me. ^Dreams^

Thats all that happened this weekend cant wait in four more days I will have SPRIng Break wooooooo.

Bye Bye

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