Sunday, January 18, 2009


Uggh its sunday and im so sick. I think i have a cold or am getting one. My throat hurts so bad it is hard to swallow -_- luckily i dont have a headache right now but.. This morning i had to go to a swim meet at 7:00 am and my head was pounding it was so bad i did not get home until 1. I even tried taking airborne i think it is to late... to block the cold. But on saturday we finished our bio project it took like 5 hours which reminds me i got to send these to my friends .. Speaking of AP Bio im getting an 84 im so happy i thought i was getting a C pheewww im so happy.

Project picsss

OO I did a new dub this week snsd gee english cover it is not my best thoo. I felt like i was talking more than singing but i got lots of hits. And,, the original is really sweet its a girly cute song i wud check it out :)

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