Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Happy Sunday

Noo this post is not about koharu's new pv which is awesome to me but no its not. Its about my sunday which was not very happy but very boring and short . I sppent today working on this project it was so long and we did not even finish half of it -_-. I will upload the picture of the half were done tomorrow.
Now I have have so many lines to give it feels like i need to do a lot because I have not sung in a while. It might sound weird but i think my voice got worst l0l. Its like always scratchy and my range is so limited now it sucks. I try warming up to the point where i can get my voice where i want to be but it takes so long... I hope my voice gets better i really want to expand my range.
Oo and Milkystar a fandubbing group that im in has 80 subscribers congrats everyone cant wait for 100:)

The reason for my blog which i never explained.. This blog is my diary so to speak bc im lazy to write in one.. I will try to write in it on the weekends and maybe a week day if something interesting happens. This blog also realtes to my fandubbing life on the internet and my real life. Just to let anyone who stumbles onto this know.

And I will end with Happy Happy Sunday the best koharu song ever

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